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The Ultimate Guide To Write An About Me Page In 2020 [FREE TEMPLATE]

If you've never put much thought into your about me page... You're missing out on connecting with the right people, (and you'll also get more customers).


How do I write an about me page? 

In this article, we’re going to cover a lot of ground surrounding your about me page.

And I’ll give you some stellar about me ideas so you can become a “Perfect Prospect Whisperer.”  People will beg to learn more about you after they read your new page.

We’re going to take a deep dive into your about me page, and you’ll also gain access to the free Ultimate About Me Template, Workbook and Checklist for 2020.

We’ll also touch on the KLT factor (I’ll spill more info on this about me page must-have in the following paragraphs). 

Be warned, this is a long about me article, but it’s worth a read and will help you attract, engage and get the right visitors in your funnel. 

You’ll also learn about the Clash or Connect Aspect of your biz and why it’s essential on your about me page. 

Now, this may seem counterintuitive, but...


You WANT to clash AND connect with the readers on your about me page. 

Weird, right? 

I promise the clash and connect things will make sense later.

And best of all...

AND you’ll also get to see the little-known About Me USP Formula in action (I'll explain this soon). 

The About Me USP Formula will make creating your about me intro a breeze. 


If you don’t even know what a USP is... it stands for “Unique Selling Proposition.” 

Here's an example of a Unique Selling Proposition from Dr. Bronners Soap. They have a cosmic USP. They talk about equal rights, and they're eco-conscious and customer-oriented. 

Their about page copy is UNIQUE and makes them stand out compared "regular" soap. 


An about me USP is a full-blown about me page wrapped into one tightly written powerful paragraph. 

It makes your copy short and tight, like this...



The About Me USP intro packs a wallop and lets your prospects know what you offer from the beginning. They'll notice you especially if they think you're gonna walk away.

I could go on and on about a USP for days… but instead, we’re going to focus on... 


How to write a kickass about me page (like you’ve been a copywriter your entire life). 

A well-written about me page is an essential part of your website. 

And if it’s not, it should be. 

An about me page is an aspect of so many websites that many people don’t think about (or just kind of throw together).

A word of caution... 


If your about me page looks worse than your outfit on laundry day… You’re gonna have problems… 



And believe it or not, I’ve got the simple solution for you (and don’t care what you’re wearing when you use it)... You can click here to get this hot about me template and workbook now.



We all know you want your website to look good, so you look good. 

Even if mismatched socks and a gingham and flannel combo is your favorite look…

I bet you wouldn’t just throw those mixed prints together. 

You’d have to look in the mirror. Try on a couple of different flannels. Make sure your shoes are just right, and your gold hoops look good with your trendy new necklace and gingham pants. 

Even a simple but well-put-together unmatched outfit takes time. 

So does your about me page. 


The Ultimate About Me Template, Workbook & Checklist for 2020 will save you hours (if not days). 


I want to talk about something else here…

So if your style (or your language) is part of your brand, you can let that stuff shimmy out of your words and images on your about me page too. 

The bottom line is, I want you to get your about me page picture-perfect, and word-perfect. 

Be authentic and most importantly— be YOU. 


First, let’s dig into the “why” of your about me page. 


Why write one in the first place? 

Because of your visitors. 

Your about me page is all about visitors who don’t know you yet.

When a new browser stumbles onto your site, one of the first places they might check out is your about me page. 

This is because people want to make sure you’re a real person, and they want to make sure you’re also a cool person. 

So if you’re not “that” cool, (I’m certainly not)...

It doesn’t matter as long as...

You’ve got some mad knowledge, good ideas, swanky products, or helpful services you’re willing to share or sell. 

And after you go through this article, you’ll know how to write a great about me description like a pro. 

Like HubSpot. They talk about the way they are unique in the marketplace. They do marketing with a conscience. Love that! Then they go into a story about how Hubspot was born. 

And you'll have a great about me page you fill out The Ultimate About Me Template.   

Here's a news flash for you... A person browsing online could end up on your about me page.


People like to work with and do business with people they like. 

And you know what? 

If a visitor stumbles onto your site because of your stealth SEO blogging skills, they probably have no idea who you are, and they don't know if they like you or not.


Do you know me?  My guess is probably not. 

Do you like me yet?

It could be...

No. Yes. Maybe you're not sure yet?

Anyway, I hope your maybe turns into a big fat YES!

And guess what?

You will know more about me after you read this article and check out my about me page.

So, don't forget... an online visitor is just getting to know you, your products and the services you offer. 

They want to know if what you’ve got can enhance their life in some way.


So, your about me page is mega important for your online presence.

 Having a well-written about me page is critical to keep your brand on point and show people who you really are.

And with such a Dyn-O-Mite About Me Template, it will make writing your about me page that much easier. 

The downloadable about me template will also give you freedom.

 You may think when you have a structure it holds back creativity…

 ...but it fact

 It’s the opposite. 

The structure allows your brain to do more creative thinking instead of logical thinking. 

And this is where you can get into the flow and brainstorm some really juicy unique ideas in your about me description.  

 You don’t even have to be a great writer to use this template. 

 And the directions for this about me page template are self-explanatory.

 But before you dig into The Ultimate About Me Template for 2020... 

 I’m begging you to finish reading this article before you get started. 



Building the foundation allows your creative genius to flow when you do start writing.  

And you can get some help with your about me page (if you act fast!).

If you read all the way to the bottom of this article you’ll see my personal email... and you can send me a little note (this free about me critique will not last long). 

So hit me up ASAP and whitelist my email address. 

Moving on...


While every page of your website is essential, you’ll want to cover lots of ground that focus on the reader— and [GULP]— not just you on every page of your site, and every juiced up SEO article. 


Shocking...  It’s not all about me. 

When I was learning to write... I used to think it was all about me...

But it wasn't then, and it isn't now. 

It’s about anything but...

So remember, even if you make the most creative about me page in the universe, and it’s all about you…


 Your readers are the ones who are reading your about me page. 

 Make the reader your focus.

 Even if you thought your about me page was supposed to be all about you… 


It’s not.


Your about me page is ALL about your readers (and a little bit about you in a subtle movie-star Hollywood story way I’ll talk about soon). 

So the Ultimate About Me Page Template will help you make sure everything is covered to help you create the best about me page… that puts most of your focus on the reader. 

Of course, there will be a compelling bio about you and your products and services… 


 Your about me page will still focus on your perfect prospect.

 The Ultimate About Me Workbook will stop you from writing the dreaded...

All About Me Page 

Don’t do this, because your business will suffer (and it’s also utterly obnoxious). 

If you’re writing an about me page and it’s all about you… 

People will think to themselves something like… “Wow, that person is totally self-absorbed.” 

I'm sure you've met a man or woman who can't stop talking about themselves before. It's boring and annoying. 


What you want to convey to your prospects is something more along the lines of…

Wow! This person “gets” me. This person understands my pain and can help me solve the problem I was searching for online. 

I can’t wait to learn more about them and how they can help me. 

I’m going to put my name and email in that little box and get their download because I think this person can give me insight. 

It looks like they have a great offer on their website.

Here’s another thing to note…


Get specific in your about me page.


You want to clarify from the beginning in your about me page of who you can help specifically (so it’s obvious who you do not or cannot help).


I call this the Clash or Connect Aspect Of Biz.

Take Howard Stern for instance. When you look at his website, you'll know automatically if you are a good fit for his radio show. 

I almost cringe at the thought of posting this here, but it's an extreme example of showing the clash or connect aspect. You'll either love him or hate him. 

You'll know right away if you connect with his um... message. 



He makes it clear that it's a good idea to put the clash and connect aspect in your copy


You want them both. So there's no question if a person is a good fit for your brand or not.

If you want to learn how to use SEO in your blog to get more customers... 

...and you accidentally land on Brian Tracy's website (he's awesome by the way), however, he's not an SEO expert. So he's probably not the guy to help you with SEO.

But he does have a stellar about me description and will make you feel motivated and inspired.



So let's dig into that for a second. 

The first thing he talks about is what he can do to help you, then he goes into his experience. 

As a business coach, he has a great offer, but it’s not going to help you get more traffic to your blog. 

I can help you with that. 

SEO training can help you get more traffic to your blog by using easy-to-target keywords. So if you want to learn to get free traffic you know you’re in the right place on my site.

Make sense? 


And that’s why you’ve got to make your about me page connect or clash.

According to EmberTribe, 95% of online browsers will never return to your website once they leave. 

 So you want to give your visitors what they need.

Because if you don’t grab their attention (and their email)  they may never visit your website again. 

When you connect with the right person, this means this cyber stranger could end up downloading your freebie, get in your sales funnel, learn to love you and your products, and become your customer. 

Make all your effort count by creating the right offer for the right targeted traffic (this is where having SEO copy comes in). 

Now onto something else you need after a person gets to know you. It’s tied into the... 


You need the Know Like And Trust (or the KLT Factor) on your about me page— and everywhere else.

When you write your about me ideas, I always want you to think about building the Know, Like, and Trust factor. 

First people have to know you, then they have to like you, and then they’ve got to trust you. 

In the copywriting world, people talk about “Know Like and Trust” all the time.

It’s more important than you realize. 


For someone to do business with you, all three parts of the KLT Factor need to be covered. 


Here’s a reminder breakdown of the KLT factor.


Know. Like. Trust.

Pretty simple, right? 

The KLT factor is also tied into something I call... 


Now more about the Clash or Connect Aspect of your biz.

In the beginning, when someone gets to know more about you, they’ll understand if you are personalities Clash or Connect. Think about good old Howard Stern. 

Now, I’m sure you and you’re business are great, and you want to make sure you connect with as many prospects as possible. 


You’re probably not a good fit for every person on the planet (even if you’d love to sell your products to every human on it). 

Nobody is a great fit for everybody. 


You are, however, a fit for “Your People.” And I call these people your Connect People.  

Connect People are the visitors you would choose to hang out with and be friends with on the reg. 

Even if it’s only a cyber friendship, which seems like the way things are going right now…



Your energy resonates with their energy.

Things feel right between you, like a great first date. 


You want the like factor of your prospects to be off the friggin charts. 



 Your about me page will help you weed out the Clash people, who don’t jive with your message or your energy.

You want to sweetly (and swiftly) kick the Clash People to the curb.

The audience which resonates with your language, your personality, and the things you offer can become part of your “Connect People” tribe. 

And I like to give my Connect People value (and I hope you find this article valuable) 


Offer your Connect People something on your about me page. 

Like in this article I’m going to give you the Ultimate About Me Template, Workbook & Checklist For 2020. 

It’s easy to give away something people need if you have the knowledge. And you can use Canva (my fave-o-fave!) or hire someone on Fiverr to create a beautiful freebie. 

If you help people first and give value, your Connect People will give you 5-stars on the Like scale. 



Another thing is...


You want to like the Connect People in your tribe to have similar goals so you can create a community. 


That’s why you need to have clear messaging of who you can serve. 

In today’s world— we need community.


Here’s the deal…


There’s no time like the present to build an online community of like-minded people because we’ve all got plenty of indoor time on our hands. 


Why wait any longer to meet and greet your Connect People?


We CAN be in this TOGETHER!


In fact...



So if you build a site with great SEO (and a value-driven about me page), your connect people will come.

However, there’s going to be a problem if your messaging isn’t clear from the first connection.


Lots of online traffic doesn’t matter if you’ve got nothing to give.


So give, give, give... (then sell).


And there’s another problem…

*** If you give away the wrong thing, the Clash People can invade your Connect People tribe. 


And I’m telling ya, it’s not good. So make sure your offering the people you want to serve want in their life. 


Here’s why...

If you’ve ever had a client or a prospect or someone in your tribe who’s hard to work with, complains a lot, always asks for refunds, or just doesn’t get you… 




...  you’ll probably end up not liking each other too well. 


You don’t want to send out an open-bar e-vite to the Clash People online. 


That’s why you about me message needs clarity and purpose.

Only make the right offer on your about me page (or any page for that matter) for your Connect People— 

Your Connect People will be similar to your perfect avatar (avatar is another way of saying your perfect customer). 

That’s part of the reason why the Like Factor is so crucial on your about me page. 

The result is so you can weed out the Clash People from the beginning and build up your Connect People tribe. 


I can’t stress enough why you only need to attract Connect People.



For example…

You’ve got to create the right tribe of peeps.



Let’s say you’ve got a potty mouth, and you don’t let some of your favorite dirty words out of the gate in the beginning stages of someone getting to know you.

If you like to use “colorful” words, and your about me page doesn’t show your vivid language flavor… 

...and all a sudden, you slip in an f-bomb in your newsletter, well…

There will probably be some backlash, and the people you thought were in your Connect People can quickly turn into your Clash People. 

These “Clashers” could get out the sticks and stones and talk trash about you online. (this is worst-case scenario stuff)...

So be yourself and let your personality shine through from the beginning…

In your about me page on your site and everywhere, so you can connect with the right people, not the Clashers.  

And what’s more…


The purpose of your about me page is to make a good impression on your Connect People.

 You can’t please everyone online...

...and you don’t want to.

Maybe spikey necklaces are your thing, and you want to connect with people who also love pointy jewelry.




So now, let’s focus on building your tribe of Connect People. 

How are you going to build this Connect Tribe and keep them around?


You’ve got to increase the Trust Factor with your Connect People. 




If you tell your subscribers you’re going to send them a free worksheet, checklist, or free video series, make sure you have your offers set up in advance (and working). And if something doesn't work right, just apologize for the technical glitch. 

Here are some things you can do first before you make an offer...


  • Make the PDF. 

  • Hire a designer for you landing page (where you can make an offer)

  • Create that checklist.

  • Set up your email autoresponder (Mailchimp, Aweber, drip, Kajabi) that goes out when you give something away, so you’re not manually emailing every person.

  • Make sure you have a subject line in your email. 

  • Make sure your videos are edited, and ready to send out when someone signs up for your video series.


When you create an about me page, you’ll want to answer a few basic questions that will all be in The Ulitmate About Me Template, Workbook, and Checklist. 

Filling out the workbook, and following the checklist will help your prospect understand more about you…

... and in turn, they’ll also learn more about themselves (even if they don’t realize it). 



Here’s the real kicker… 


You’ll not only need to write an interesting about me page…

You’ll also want to make sure you have your unique selling proposition or USP in your about description.

Having an About Me USP will be something new and exciting.  

It features your unique perspective and how someone can benefit from your product or service. 

Copywriters all over the world use a USP type of “hook” to draw the right people into their funnels. 


Also, having an About me USP will help you stand out from the competition.

Your About Me Page USP tells your prospects about what you do and how you can help them in a few short sentences.  

You’ll answer questions like… 

Who are you

What do you do?


Please understand, your USP doesn’t have to be set in stone. 

I crave change ALWAYS.

(I rewrote my About Me USP 5 times in one day, and will probably change it again because life is ever-evolving).

As an entrepreneur that has a blog, you know you’ll have the right to change your mind anytime you like. 

That’s why we do what we do. 

Keeping flexible is especially important if you need to shift your business model in uncertain times. 

You can change your About Me USP or your business model anytime, you like, but it will take some effort if you do a full-on-switcharoo. 

QUICK TIP: Your About Me USP can also be turned into a video or used on your homepage, landing page or social media about page. 

When you create An About Me USP with the free template and worksheet it’ll be a fulfilling experience. 

Now we’re going to use a simple formula. 

The About Me USP Formula

[greeting] [who do you help?] and I help [people you want to serve] with/do/be [uniquely named product or service you offer] that will [what does your product (or you) do?] with [benefit blast] then even if [worst thing that could happen to your client].

Here's my about me USP in action...

Hi there, I’m Dina Colada, and I help entrepreneurs and bloggers with SEO Copy Projects that will turn any website into an organized traffic-getting, community-building, cash machine. This method works even if you’re a newbie blogger, have never made a sale, and the only visitors to your website are your mom and your best friend. 

Next, you’ll go into your PABSS Script System

 PABSS Script System stands for:


  • The Problem

  • The Adventure

  • The Benefits

  • The Solution

  • The Sale (this works even if it's a free giveaway)

 It's the story part of your about me page. 

It’s outlined in detail in The Ultimate About Me Template, Workbook & Checklist.

Just like a Hollywood movie. There are ups and downs to pull viewers into the film. It gets people "hooked" so they don't walk out of the theater. Or turn it of on Netflix. 

 Here's what I mean...


The reason I started the SEO Copywriting Project is that I was a struggling blogger for years and didn’t know how to make money with my blog. 

In fact, I was doing the opposite of making money. 

I was working on other jobs to pay for my blogging habit. I paid for classes, my email autoresponder, training, website hosting, books, courses, you name it, I was paying it. 

And instead of making money with my website, I was paying money to other websites to post my articles. 

That’s how desperate I was to get my name out there as a writer.

I thought I had to pay my dues in the writing world. And sure, I needed to hone my craft as a writer. 

But then, one day...


THE ADVENTURE: (this is where things get better for YOU so the reader can imagine things getting better for them with your product or service).

I discovered SEO techniques that YOU can implement too. (see how I flipped the script and made it about the reader?).

When you start using SEO, you can go with it two different ways.

1. If you're a freelance writer, you can charge more for SEO content writing instead of a regular blog.  

2. If you're a business owner or entrepreneur you can use thes high-level SEO strategies to get traffic to your own website. 

So you can use high-level SEO strategies for yourself OR clients

Talk about gratifying. Get traffic. Get paid. 


Finally, I understood how to get more traffic to websites for clients and myself using SEO, but I still didn’t know how to make money on my site.

I was great at helping other people get traffic with SEO, and increasing their revenues... but I knew how to write... 

But I didn't know how to SELL. 

It was a BIG PROBLEM. and it was really frustrating.

There wasn’t a sales copy class made for people with blogs.

So, I paid a guru in my niche $5000 (yes… $5000) to learn how to make money online by selling a course. 

But my product flopped because I didn’t know how to write good sales copy to make people buy. 

So I started studying and paid thousands upon thousands of dollars to work with some of the most respected direct response copywriters (people who write copy that sells things) in the world. 

So after you see how easy it is to get traffic using SEO.

You can then throw in direct response writing techniques that make REAL money! 

And I saw how powerful SEO was. Then I saw how copywriting worked to sell products and services...

So I thought to myself... why not COMBINE them together?

Guess what? 

When you combine SEO and direct response copywriting techniques together— you will DOUBLE your writing superpowers!

The combination of these two dynamically different ways of writing creates a high-performance content strategy that gets you traffic AND conversions

That’s why I created the SEO Copywriting Project— Because it's powerful and works like MAGIC. 


Using this double-writing whammy will help you get more traffic to your blogs with SEO while using persuasive copywriting techniques at the same time (with the same piece of copy!). 


I love the SEO Copy Project Forumula because...

So many bloggers don’t understand SEO and have no idea what the words “direct response copy” even means. (Direct response copywriting is persuasive writing). And I'll show you more high-level techniques you've NEVER heard before!

And to top it off, many copywriters don’t think about SEO and it COULD help them get free traffic if only they would use it— but many of them don't use it, (which I think is cRaZy!).

So if you’re a smart blogger, and you don’t have a lot (or any) money to pay for advertising, the best way to get the traffic first is to do SEO.

And while you’re at it... 

Throw in some direct response copy while you're at it! 

The savviest writers use both techniques: SEO and Direct Response Copywriting. 



… you can infuse the blogs (you're already writing anyway), with powerful direct response copy, so your SEO blog traffic will ALSO turn into customers.

And once you build out a sales funnel with the SEO Copywriting Project Formula (I'll show you all the steps to take)...’ll be able to write blogs that get free traffic AND gain customers— at the same time. 


In the SEO Copywriting Project, you’ll get step-by-step SEO modules and while you’re in the trenches, you’ll discover direct response copy techniques that will amp up your writing skillset. 

When you take a peek at these high-level copywriting techniques they’ll soon become second nature.


Here’s what you’ll get in the SEO Modules...

You'll easily grab loads of FREE targeted organic traffic. Without spending a dime on expensive advertising— And the best part is… you can do it all with blogging (that is if you do it the right way).

You'll get 3 free SEO tools that help you target the right customers online using the powerful “Content-Stacking Keyword Strategy.” that will get your site ranking faster in the search engines. 

Take advantage of the little-known “Two For One Blog Blueprint” you can use that will get every article you post to your site— automatically published to an online magazine with over 60 million monthly visitors with a couple of measly mouse clicks (and you could even GET PAID to publish them!).

Discover a powerful (and free) trick I call “Mouth To Paper Method” that’ll help you create blog posts 4.9 times faster than the average person can type. When you write like this, it’ll be as simple as talking to your best friend on the phone! 


Here’s what you’ll get in the Copy Modules:

The About Me USP Template, Workbook & Checklist that will make it easy to write your About me Script for your landing page, about me page, blog, social media posts, guest posts, or anywhere on the web. 

And so much more...

Another bonus is... this SEO Copy Project Formula works for paid traffic too if you want to spend money on advertising.

So, if you want to learn more…

Download the free

How To Write The Ultimate USP About Me Page Template, Workbook & Checklist Today! 

So don't wait...

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