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THE SEXY STUFF I DO: Branding | Event Coordination | Sales Funnels | Copywriting | Startups | UX Consulting | Apps  | Ad Copy | Email Marketing | Consulting | Project Management | Content | SEO Strategy 

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Branding, Copywriting, And Spicy Digital Marketing

For Adventurous Business People Who Want EXPLOSIVE Results Online

I'm here to help you make the most of your online business (without all the stress). Let me tempt you with a mighty marketing plan, write dynamite ads, and refine your sales funnel with daring copy that converts.

Sizzling Branding & Website Copy

Engage your visitors with sexy copy and turn them on the right way. You'll warm up casual browsers from the very first time they lay their eyes on your products or service. Your copy will romance them nice and slow until they're— Hot! Hot! Hot!— And ready to buy! 

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High-Converting Ads For You! 

I know how to turn online website visitors into a long-lasting liaison with affordable retargeting on FB. I'll write the ads, and even run them so you get the most bang for your buck!  I'll show you how to grow your business with a "cheap-date" ad spend of only $10/day! 

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Steamy Marketing Strategy

Ohhh baby... Don't know how to market your business? Don't worry. I stay up late and up to date with the hottest trends. I'll implement proven techniques that will grow your business. And I love to geek out on analyzing the market, your customers, the competition, and your bottom... line.

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It's Time To Grow Your Business SO BIG (it'll make the neighbors jealous)...

I’m Dina Colada, the Copywriting Chick— I'm the dating coach turned copywriter. 
My experience working as a coach helped me figure something out...

...there was a HUGE problem for me in my relationships....

I realized I couldn’t do everything alone (even though I tried my darndest). 
And I didn’t want to admit it… But I needed support and LOTS of it.
People NEED people. I need people (and still do!). And maybe you need people too. 
So I can put together a package to help you run YOUR business with the right marketing strategy, copywriting, and so much more!


About Dina

Don't have a sexy website yet?  

Don't worry! Me or someone on my team can create an intoxicating one for you. We can build all kinds of turbo-charged sites: eCommerce, Course Creation, Memberships, Blogs, Digital Product Sites, or a Simple Landing Page for any biz! 

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Harrison Tanner Baron

Dina is an incredible copywriter! Her pages quickly rise to the top compared to the others and are some of the highest converting pages we have!

Derek Ma

We've been working together on dating app projects since 2018. Every milestone has been done perfectly. No matter how big the project is, Dina is always there and ready to write stellar copy! 

You'll (finally) feel the pleasure of running a business! 


You don't have to be a savvy business person, marketer, or even a copywriter to do rocking business online— because now that you've found the Chick, you won't have to worry about a thing.

Now you can spend your time frolicking in the moonlight (or do something even more fun!

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